Enroll to view and pay your Crab Orchard Utility bill

DNI Corp is a 3rd party billing company that works with Crab Orchard Utility District. We provide online presentment and payment options for Crab Orchard Utility District. Below you will find instructions along with a visual to make the enrollment process as easy as possible for you!

You can access the site to enroll one of two ways:

1) By clicking on the "Pay Online" link above

2) By clicking directly on this link : https://ebills.craborchardutility.com

Once you are on the main presentment page accessible by one of the two methods just described above, you may follow the steps below to complete the process.

* NOTE * The upper right portion of your actual statement contains the two pieces of necessary information to enroll successfully.

1) Account Number

Account Name


You will need both your account number and account name as it appears on your statement to confirm your identity and authorize your enrollment so please make sure you have that information with you before beginning the enrollment process.


1) Click on "Register Your Account" link at the top of the page.

2) Complete the enrollment form by filling in all the required fields.

* PLEASE NOTE * When entering your account number, enter the entire account number without the dashes. For example, if your account number is showing as 1234-56789-910, then you will enter 123456789910 without the dashes.


3) Click on the "Save" button and a confirmation will appear letting you know an email is headed your way to confirm your enrollment.

*** Please make sure that you check your 'spam' or 'junk' email folder if you don't receive the confirmation email. Make sure to allow emails coming from craborchardonline@frontier.com to not be flagged as spam or junk email. ***

4) Once your email is received, click the "Activate Your Account Now!" link in the body of the email.

5) Once clicked, you will then be returned to the web portal to confirm your registration email address, choose your password and also review and accept the Crab Orchard Utility web portal disclaimer.


6) Click the "Agree and Save" button and you will be taken back to the login screen to log on using the username and password you've chosen and you're all set to access your online bill and make bill payments!

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